March Fourth – Peace March and Press Conference

March 4th (March Fourth), Eve will lead hundreds of peaceful activists down Martin Luther King Ave to reach City Hall, where family members, ministers, community members, and children will honor Mayor Karen Weaver with her commitment and passion to the City of Flint. 

This will also be the children of Flint represented, along with celebrities and media. We are a continued collaboration organization, so there are many ways to combine efforts to help and support this community and make SPARK Art Project a success. 

A SPARK team has assembled to bring press and media to this event, so that the 60% of unrepresented citizens can have a voice. The press conference on March Fourth, will have speakers and performers to give an overview of the project. Stories will be shared from those who have suffered through the atrocities of lead-contaminated water, while also supporting their Mayor in her duties. 

This march and press conference, along with interviews with key community leaders and family members, will be filmed for a documentary “The Prodigal Returns” set to begin principle photography during these events.

The team will also be on the ground during the March 6th Democratic Debate. This offers a great opportunity for politicians to be in the mix of these families who haven’t had their voices heard.

Major media outlets will be invited, so that the promise of SPARK for FLINT will be ignited.

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