Obama heads to Flint MI

April 14, 2016 marked the 2 year anniversary of the onset water crisis in Flint Michigan. Obama had previously addressed the crisis in January, when he visited Detroit, but did not stop in Flint despite declaring a state of emergency in the city.

President Barack Obama will travel to Flint, Michigan, the hometown of Artist Anthony EvE Kemp (the ground zero of SPARK Art Project) on May 4 to address residents in the city as they continue to struggle with toxic levels of lead in their water supply. This visit was inspired by a young girl who wrote a letter to the President, pleading with him to take a notice to what was occurring in her hometown.

Eve and Mayor Weaver


Anthony EvE Kemp, along with other SPARK Art leaders, are rallying the troops to be on the ground to mobilize the children, students, families and community leaders to welcome Obama to Flint and to get “boots on the ground” to establish the vision of SPARK Art Project so that the rebuild of Flint can be ignited.

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