S.P.A.R.K. Art Project!
 is a grassroots movement with “boots on the ground” commitment to revitalize and rebuild Flint Michigan through arts, music, community building, job growth opportunities, and more.

hand logo copyCulture based
Artist led
Community driven.

S.P.A.R.K. Art Project! is an ongoing and permanent mission, to rebuild the cultural foundation of underinvested neighborhoods for community revitalization.

S.P.A.R.K. is an artist-led initiative supported by artists, scholars, elected officials, educators, human rights activists, celebrities, architects, farmers, and more.


TOGETHER we can build a brighter future for Flint and beyond!


S = social
   P = project
A = art (2)
     R = REBUILD
          K = knowledge


S.P.A.R.K. Art Project! precludes the lead-contaminated water crisis, as the larger vision has been part of Founder, Anthony EvE Kemp’s life for the past 20 years, as a Los Angeles based artist.   

EvE’s vision is to return to his homeland and purchase a series of homes and community buildings, to provide a foundation of rebuilding the city through: Art, Music, Culture & Education. These housing units and buildings provide involvement for the community through projects such as: art projects and exhibitions spaces, talent research, music events and studios recordings, community gardens, sustainable farming, libraries and education, job renewal, etc. EvE grew up in Flint and he still has many family members who live there, The vision is to have the unrepresented people of Flint to have their voices heard.

The entire vision of S.P.A.R.K. Art Project!  is to create a successful outcome that rebuilds the community alliances to the highest level of Flint, Michigan’s revival. 

This vision is to also build-out permanent installations throughout the community, beginning with taking abandoned buildings, homes, schools, etc. to revitalize the community by creating:

  • artist centers, poet readings, pottery classes
  • recording studios, talent showcases, talent research
  • film schools, film screenings
  • libraries, educational workshops, mentorship
  • community gardens, community “soul food” dinners, cooking classes, sustainable farming for local farmers markets
  • yoga, body workshops, dance classes and healthy living to improve for the mind, body & spirit.



Ignite and mobilize the community



TO create change and revitalization

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other artists
The artists (from left) Theaster Gates, Mark Bradford and Rick Lowe in Los Angeles outside one of Bradford’s Art + Practice buildings, which serves as both a gallery and a social services agency. Credit Stefan Ruiz

This type of community build has been successfully done by other artists, such as: Theaster Gates (Southside Chicago) Rick Lowe (Third Ward – Houston), and Mark Bradford (Los Angeles)

Clean water is a human right! We are here to support the valiant efforts of Mayor Karen Weaver, who is fighting hard to help those who are in danger due to life-threatening conditions.

Now that the eyes of the world are upon Flint, it is evident that we need to lend support to get past the human rights atrocities and begin to resolve the issues that run much deeper, so in time this gives a place for healing. 


Your CONTRIBUTION is through Global Women’s Empowerment Network (501c3 #80-0830394) which is the fiscal sponsor of SPARK Art Project and is considered a tax-deductible donation.